Thursday, September 23, 2010

World Most Expensive Mouse:-

World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse Has Nothing, But Bling.........................................

After the launch of stone studded notepads and laptops, here is a sparkling news for the bling lovers, Fabstuff introduces the world’s most expensive mouse. Who knew Pat Says Now could be so thoughtful, this mouse is worth being kept in a safe! If you think that the features have pushed the price up, you might get a little disappointed as it serves the same purpose that an ordinary computer mouse does.

The best part about this mouse is, you get to choose the design and you can also get the freedom of having your initials studded in it with diamonds. It can be used as a token of love and can be exchanged as a gift between affluent couples, but again it is the privilege of the rich.

They promise to “bring color into you office”, but how colorful are the colors red, black, white and yellow? If anything it could add a little sparkle to your desk, which will again go unnoticed as most of the times you mouse will be covered with your palm.

Made from 18 carat gold this mouse has 59 diamonds studded in it and is priced at $26,730. You can place an order by clicking here and three weeks after you place an order it will reach at your doorstep.

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